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Justin F. Pane, PC can help homeowners fight mortgage foreclosure actions in state court as well as federal court. Some of our legal services include drafting and service of an answer with counterclaims to a lender or mortgage bank servicer foreclosure summons and complaint, disclosure and discovery demands, representation at a foreclosure settlement conference, and filing as well as opposing motions to dismiss, motions for dismissal, default judgment, appointment of a referee, order of reference, summary judgment, judgment of foreclosure and sale, notice of auction and sale, and/or an emergency order to show cause with temporary restraining order.

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Foreclosure Defense

We are experts in Foreclosure Defense litigation.

Quiet Title

An action to quiet title is a lawsuit brought in a court having jurisdiction over property disputes, in order to establish a party's title to real property, or personal property having a title, of against anyone and everyone, and thus "quiet" any challenges or claims to the title.

Statute of Limitations

The statute of limitations for a New York foreclosure action is six years. The general rule for debts payable by installment is that a separate cause of action exists for each installment and the statute of limitations runs separately against each.


New York Supreme Court Appellate Division - Second Department

Justin F. Pane, PC prides itself on its unparalleled client customer service and dedication to not only providing the best legal representation for our clients, but also providing our clients with the utmost knowledge and education pertaining to the entirety of any and all their specific legal needs. For more information, contact us now to set an appointment and take advantage of our no cost, free case evaluation program so that you may assess and learn how one or more of our legal services may be of assistance to you and your family. We focus on foreclosure defense litigation; whether you were just served with a foreclosure summons and complaint, or a judgment of foreclosure has already been placed on the property.

Setup an appointment to sit down with us and discuss your rights as a homeowner. With over 12 years of real estate, banking, political and legal experience, Justin F. Pane, PC utilizes innovative legal techniques in order to best represent you, and more importantly protect and enforce your federal and state consumer rights.
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